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IPARD project started in Privlaka
PRIVLAKA, 18.07.2014. -  Preparation and application of the project "Construction of traffic road without contemporary road surface veil" on the territory of Privlaka municipality for the IPARD program, measure 301 "Improvement and development of rural infrastructure" has resulted with signing Contract on allocation between the Paying Agency for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural development and Privlaka municipality.

The project value is 1.400.000,00 kuna. After successful conducted public procurement, work has begun on the construction of the traffic road with a length of 2,5 km, which will further facilitate the production for all producers whose production are associated with this road.
By this positive example of attracting EU funds, we want to encourage other units of local government and enterprises to propose their projects on EU tenders, especially in the Rural Development Programme of the Republic of Croatia, which is expected to open its first tenders of this program in the fall.
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