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Hrast Ltd. applied project S.I.G.M.A. on First call Interreg IPA CBC Croatia-Serbia
VINKOVCI, 08.07.2016. – As part of the Interreg IPA CBC Croatia-Serbia Vukovar-Srijem County Development Agency Hrast Ltd., as a project leader, has prepared a project S.I.G.M.A. (Smart Innovation and Growth Model Approach in Wood Sector) with total value of € 1.100.983,98. With the main partner VSC DA Hrast Ltd. other partners include in project are: CTR Centre for Technological Development – Development Agency of Brod-Posavina, Croatian Chamber of Economy – County Chamber of Vukovar, the Chamber of Commerce Srem (Serbia) and the Regional Development Agency Srem (Serbia).

Project description

Establishment of trans-regional cooperation (Croatia-Serbia) in the forestry sector as foundation for the competitiveness of the regional wood industry and furniture production and convert the project into a self-sustaining program smart and balanced growth imposed itself as the ultimate goal of the project.

The basic idea of project, which will fully implement the project, is creation of effective organizational forms for sustainable growth in wood sector of targeted area. This will be done by using the triple helix model and the latest ICT solutions. After analyzing the wood sector, analysis of global trends in wood industry, analysis of potential foreign markets for export, SME`s will be analized from all angles from their shortcomings to the need to enter the market of wood sector. Through education and training for SME`s and business support institutions the level of knowledge will be raisen and with their help will be made market strategies and will be enter the market. Through project will be, as example of good practice, take part in the most famous trade fairs in Germany and Italy and will be also visit the best companies in Austria. By establishment of wood cluster in Croatia and Serbia, as well as strengthening the existing in Vukovar-Srijem County, organizationally we will strengthen the entire wood sector in the region. Computerization and equipping clusters, through the establishment of a web platform and purchase three CNC machine, in this form we will further strengthen clusters and hiring three new clusters managers ultimately will contribute to sustainable program of smart and balanced growth.

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