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Vukovar – Srijem County Land of the Oaks
BRUSSELS, 16.10.2015. - During the Open Day of the EU regions and cities, which took place 12 to 15 October 2015, Vukovar-Srijem County and Wood Cluster Slavonian oak were presented in a special issue of the Parliament Magazine Regional Review.

Vukovar-Srijem County is presented as a country oak ("Land of the Oaks"). Spačvanski pool is the largest complex of lowland forests of oak in Croatia and Europe with world-renowned and recognized Slavonian oak. The Otok Lodge and resources Vinkovci Kunjevci, Forestry Museum in Bošnjaci are just part of the unique wealth and long tradition of forestry in this region.

Wood Cluster Slavonian oak which was founded in 2010 at the initiative of the mayor Božo Galić, now has 31 member including the largest Croatian manufacturer of veneer Spačva, the two biggest Croatian producers of pellets Šišarka and Spačva, while the most successful are the final products just doors, floors, light aircraft, furniture, veneer and pellets.

With the support of the Vukovar-Srijem County and Development Agency of Vukovar-Srijem Hrast Ltd. Wood Cluster Slavonian oak operates with the mission of sustainable development, environmental protection and increase the competitiveness of the wood sector efficient use of valuable forest resources.
The new redesigned website cluster is available at: www.slavonski-hrast.com, a cluster is online and on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube.

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