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Fields of Activities
Our fields of activities are: EU Funds, Strategic Planning and Regional Development, Regional Promotion and Investment Attracting, Small and Medium Enterprise Development, Human Resource and Labour Market Development and Rural Development and Agriculture.

EU Funds

In this pre-accession period the Agency is focused to create projects which are important for Vukovar-Srijem County development and to ensure the means from EU funds to implement those projects. Agency is permanently working on human capacities, by creating a base of people who are able to prepare and implement projects according to the EU procedures.

Considering the complexity of the procedures and methodology which must be applied (Project Cycle Management (PCM) methodology), Agency also provide help (education, counselling and preparation of necessary documents) throughout all the process phases to institutions who are interested in applying for the EU calls of proposals.

Strategic Planning and Regional Development

The Agency is approved and officially accredited as a Regional coordinator in charge to improve regional development activities in accordance to the Act of the Regional development of the Republic of Croatia.

The Agency coordinates:

Regional Promotion and Investment Attracting

Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) contribute to the regional economical growth by opening new working places, enabling and fostering transfer of knowledge and technology, and consequently creating added value.

Agency acts to:

Small and Medium Enterprise Development

Agency’s most important goal is to support small and medium enterprises (SME) and increase their competitiveness by providing a wide scope of services such as:

Human Resource and Labour Market Development
Agency participates in the Vukovar-Srijem County Labor Market Regional Council activities and cooperates with numerous institutions to increase employment and mobility of labour force.

Main focus is on:

Rural Development and Agriculture

Due to the specific issues of the rural area, Agency provides variety of important informations and services in the order to:

Otvoreni natječaji za EU fondove

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